The Minimalist Woodworker

"…you don't need to have all the tools, hundreds of square feet of space or thousands of dollars worth of gear. What you do need is the desire to make something with your own two hands."

At Spring House Press, we believe that woodworking is more about doing than it is about the tools or the space. That’s why we were thrilled to meet Vic Tesolin. As an avid longboarder, he connected with us over The Handmade Skateboard. He also happens to build some really beautiful stuff in a small space with a limited selection of hand and power tools. Thankfully, we didn’t scare him off and we’re privileged to be publishing his new book, The Minimalist Woodworker, in the Fall of 2015.  

A few things about Vic...Before he jumped into the world of woodworking, he served in the Royal Canadian Army for years in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.  After leaving the RCA, he studied furniture design/making at Rosewood Studio and learned from some of the best in the business, including Garrett Hack and Chri Schwarz. After finishing up his studies, Vic owned his own studio while working part-time at Rosewood as an instructor and craftsman in residence before eventually becoming an editor at Canadian Woodworking magazine. 

Vic now has what might be one of the coolest jobs in woodworking: he serves as Technical Advisor at Lee Valley Tools. He also builds what he wants, when he wants in his minimalist workshop.  Learn more about Vic and check out his blog, latest projects, and other cool stuff at the Minimalist Woodworker.  



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