Simple. Creative. Engaged.

The spring house: a little building constructed over a natural spring used as cool storage. It represents a simple, creative solution to an everyday problem. That’s why we took the name. We believe life can get pretty stale, pretty fast; things are too complicated, too predictable, and way too distracting. At Spring House Press, we believe life is more fun when you keep stuff simple and just get started; when you sprinkle a little creativity into your daily grind; and when you engage in learning, making, and doing. Our mission is to provide accessible and smart information for people who value being creatively engaged, whether it be with a hobby, a craft, or the everyday routines that make up a busy life.  

With our first titles scheduled to arrive in the spring season of 2014, Spring House Press will create and distribute premium books, eBooks, DVDs, and streaming video in a range of categories that keep life fresh and interesting:

·       Food, Booze, & Beer

·       All Things Crafts

·       Your Living Space & All That Goes With It 

·       The Backyard, Deck, Patio, & Garden

·       Sports, Games, & Staying Healthy

·       Anything else that seems pretty cool 

And, while premium, useful products are essential, it’s secondary to our primary mission:  to engage customers, authors, distribution partners, vendors, and the Spring House team with honesty, respect, a sense of humor, and a collaborative mindset. Life's too short and the world’s too small to do otherwise.   We look forward to working with you.  

Be Cool. Stay fresh.