The American Association of Woodturners Selects Spring House Press to Help Spread the Word on Turning.

If you were to walk into a woodworking retailer and ask, “what’s the most popular project?” more often than not you’d hear, “woodturning.”  Why?  It’s easy to learn, quick to the finish, and, best of all, it’s FUN.  Ever see a lathe in action? Wood shavings flying, a hunk of wood spinning faster than the eye can see, and, before you know it you have a pen, a bowl, a box...heck, even a baseball bat to keep or give as a very cool gift. Woodturning is woodworking in action. And, there’s something for everyone: beginners, advanced, young, and old.  With over 200 AAW chapters across the country, the community is vibrant, energetic, and creative.  All that said, it’s easy to see why we wanted to partner with the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), the national organization for woodturning.  Starting this fall, we’ll be privileged to begin publishing the first in a series of branded books that will introduce the great content of American Woodturner Journal, the official magazine of the AAW, to crafters and woodworkers everywhere.