Graham Blackburn To Talk Handtools at WIA 2014

If you're in the Winston-Salem, NC zip code next weekend, September 12th - 14th, stop in at the Woodworking in American 2014 Show and meet Graham Blackburn, author of Furniture Design & Construction, as he demonstrates how to use hand tools like a pro.  

What's Woodworking in American 2014, you ask?  It's an excellent woodworking show and conference hosted by Popular Woodworking magazine.  Woodworkers of all skill levels can can catch up on the latest tools,  talk shop with other woodworkers, and learn new techniques from some of today's finest woodoworkers including Frank Klausz, Phil Lowe, Roy Underhill, Graham Blackburn, and more.  Check it out here: Woodworking in America 2014.