Tandy Wilson, City House Chef and SHP Favorite, Wins Music City's First "Best Chef: Southeast" James Beard Award...

Photo by Andrea Behrend

Finally! Congratulations to Chef Tandy Wilson of Nashville's renowned City House: after a 10-year run as a nominee, the last four as a finalist, he won Best Chef: Southeast at the James Beard Foundation Awards last night in Chicago. A Spring House Press favorite, Wilson has contributed to both Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations and A Colander, Cake Stand, and My Grandfather's Iron Skillet.  (And, like Wilson, the other Southeast finalists were Spring House Press contributors: Kevin Gillespie–Gunshow, Atlanta; Edward Lee–610 Magnolia, Louisville, KY; and Steve Satterfield–Miller Union, Atlanta.)  

About time the JB Awards finally put the spotlight on Wilson...and if you get to City House, make sure you try the Belly Ham pizza.  Check out the story in The Tennessean... 

NPR's "Morning Edition" Talks Hot Chicken with Spring House Press author, Timothy C. Davis

"Don't touch anything important afterwards..."

Sound advice from Timothy C. Davis, author of The Hot Chicken Cookbook, to Debbie Fields of NPR's Morning Edition as they discuss and sample Hot Chicken at Prince's, Nashville's legendary ground zero of Hot Chicken.  NPR paid a visit to Music City to spend the day with Davis to learn what the cluck this exploding food trend is all about.   

Listen to the entire story here: How a Cheating Man Gave Rise to Nashville's Hot Chicken Craze

Musings from Don's Barn: "No Book is Flawless, but The Minimalist Woodworker Comes Close."

All of us at Spring House Press were honored by Don William's recent post on The Barn on White Run regarding The Minimalist Woodworker, our recently published book with author and craftsman, VIc Tesolin. After we looked up "chrestomathy" and started reading, we were privileged by Don's extremely positive and perceptive post. Thank you, sir...Here's a complete read of Don's musings on The Minimalist Woodworker:  The Chrestomathy Expands

Word of Mouth Launches a Year-Long Entrepreneur Interview Series in Nashville

Big news...In collaboration with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and The Tennessean, the inspiring interviews captured in Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations will come to life in a year-long interview series moderated by author Lily C. Hansen.  Beginning today, the morning Sip It! series, which features entrepreneurs discussing their stories of struggle and success, kicks off with John Walker and Todd Mayo, founders of the popular Music City Roots and Bluegrass Underground.  Check out the story here...Entrepreneurs' Successes, Stumbles Featured in Sip It!

If you haven't picked up Word of Mouth yet, order today with a special discount of 25% off when you use promo code Sip It!...The discount's good until the end of February, so visit Spring House Press and order today.  


Get Turning with the NEW book from the American Association of Woodturners

NEW & NOW AVAILABLE:  Getting Started in Woodturning is the first full-length book in the American Association of Woodturners/Spring House Press partnership and we're stoked. At 224 pages, it's crammed with tips, techniques, and all kinds of woodturning expertise that will get any new turner off on the right foot.  Seasoned turners will also discover loads of "hmmm, I didn't know that..." information that'll sharpen their skills. This book will become a fixture next to the lathe and be the "go-to" guide in any shop... 

The Handmade Skateboard...Wood Whisperer Approved!

The Wood Whisperer, aka Marc Spagnuolo, recently featured The Handmade Skateboard on his Live Session webcast and gave it a hearty thumbs up.  Nice...

If you haven't visited Marc's trailblazing woodworking website/empire, you're missing out. Expert tips and techniques, great projects, helpful videos, insightful podcasts, and a sense of humor await you -- it's a great woodworking community.  Check out The Wood Whisperer today. 


Meet Matt Berger, the SK8Maker


The Handmade Skateboard

Give a kid a skateboard, she rides for a month. Teach a kid to build a skateboard, she rides for a lifetime.

You've heard us going on and on about The Handmade Skateboard (...selling very well, by the way; thanks for your help!) but we haven't formally introduced you to the author, Matt Berger.  He's the founder of SK8Makers and we go way back to our time together at the Taunton Press.  When it was time to write a skateboard book, he was the perfect man for the job and we're privileged to be working with him.

Read more about Spring House Press author, Matt Berger...

Meet the Minimalist Woodworker

"…you don't need to have all the tools, hundreds of square feet of space or thousands of dollars worth of gear. What you do need is the desire to make something with your own two hands."

At Spring House Press, we believe that woodworking is more about doing than it is about the tools or the space. That’s why we were thrilled to meet Vic Tesolin. As an avid longboarder, he connected with us over The Handmade Skateboard. He also happens to build some really beautiful stuff in a small space with a select collection of hand and power tools. Thankfully, we didn’t scare him off and we’re privileged to be working with him on his new book, The Minimalist Woodworker, scheduled for release by Spring House Press in the Fall of 2015.  

What's a Tinkering Monkey...?

What happens when you combine a couple of designers with a shared love of making things? You get Tinkering Monkey, a very cool and very creative workshop in northern CA launched by Mike Cheung and Paula Chang. Their mission:  to work with their hands and make things in small batches. So, If you love things like wooden signs and ingeniously designed hand-crafted goods built to last, then you'll love Tinkering Monkey...and you'll love our upcoming book, The Tinkering Woodworker.  Arriving in Spring 2015 in time for the Maker Faire season, each of the projects in the book -- ranging from a standing desk and a beer tap to a slingshot and a stylish lamp -- was designed by the Tinkering Monkey team to enhance your home, work, and play.  Check out their website and discover Tinkering Monkey...

The Uke Book Illustrated -- Coming in March 2015

We had the privilege of meeting John Weissenrieder and Sarah Greenbaum via Kickstarter and we've partnered with them to publish The Uke Book Illustrated , a truly unique woodworking book. John, a master luthier, and Sarah, a talented painter & artist, have teamed up in Florence, Italy, to create a work of art that takes a woodworker, crafter, or hands-on maker through the entire process of building a ukulele. It's unlike any woodworking book you've ever seen and it's coming in March 2015 from Spring House Press.  Check out their Kickstarter story in this short clip...

Graham Blackburn To Talk Handtools at WIA 2014

If you're in the Winston-Salem, NC zip code next weekend, September 12th - 14th, stop in at the Woodworking in American 2014 Show and meet Graham Blackburn, author of Furniture Design & Construction, as he demonstrates how to use hand tools like a pro.  

What's Woodworking in American 2014, you ask?  It's an excellent woodworking show and conference hosted by Popular Woodworking magazine.  Woodworkers of all skill levels can can catch up on the latest tools,  talk shop with other woodworkers, and learn new techniques from some of today's finest woodoworkers including Frank Klausz, Phil Lowe, Roy Underhill, Graham Blackburn, and more.  Check it out here: Woodworking in America 2014.

Listen to Matt Berger, author of The Handmade Skateboard, on the Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast

We were stoked to recently have Matt Berger, founder of SK8Makers and author of The Handmade Skateboard, appear on the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast to discuss his new book, making skateboards, and -- of course -- woodworking.  The MWA, led by Chris Adkins, Dyami Plotke and Tom Iovino, is a great organization working to connect the woodworking community so it can share its knowledge and love of the craft.  Go vis

Check out the podcast here:  Matt Berger Podcast on the MWA

Spring House Press featured in the August 4th issue of Publisher's Weekly!

We recently had the privilege of being included in the August 4th Publisher's Weekly  feature article, Courting New Enthusiasts for Classic Pastimes.  The article, written by Gwenda Bond, highlighted how the maker movement is influencing the publishing programs of hobby and craft publishers.  Our upcoming The Handmade Skateboard was included in the piece (with cover!)  along with mention of two additional titles targeting the maker movement: The Uke Book Illustrated and The Tinkering Woodworker.  A great piece of publicity in a very influential trade magazine...we definitely owe Gwenda a beer. 


We’re Big on Small: Spring House Press partners with the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Tumbleweed Image.jpg

We’ve long been fans of Tumbleweed, the trailblazing tiny house company based in Sonoma, CA. So, when the opportunity came to partner with Tumbleweed to distribute their first DVD, Tumbleweed Construction Video: The Complete Resource to Building Your Tiny House on Wheels, we jumped at the chance.  Hosted by Meg Stephens, this informative and fascinating DVD is 3+ hours long can lead a DIY-er of even the most basic skill level through the construction of a Cypress 20 from the ground up…or from the trailer up.  Once complete, there’s no limit to how this tiny house can be used. Need a hunting cabin, an office, a getaway cottage, or a mobil base camp for all your outdoor adventures…? Better yet, how about you build one yourself?    Order one from the Spring House Press store and get rolling.