Zippy Loom Creations


Super-Fast Knitting That’s Fun for Everyone!

The Zippy Loom and Zippy Loom Creations make knitting so quick and easy, you can finish a scarf in 15 minutes. From there you can combine your Zippy Looms or purchase the Zippy Master Set to form a wide variety of long, square, and rectangular looms to knit hats, blankets, shawls, cowls, and so much more! 

With 20 professionally designed patterns to choose from, you can start where you’re comfortable and just keeping going. The simple step-by-step instructions and beautiful projects keep you inspired and informed. With the Zippy Loom and Zippy Loom Creations, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the fun and satisfaction of knitting.

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About the Authors:

Knitting Board, LLC is a leader in premium quality Knitting Looms, Sock Looms, Knitting Kits & Knitting Accessories. In the past decade, KB has become a household name with the Beach Wood Knitting Looms and Boards, Original Plastic Looms and is now revolutionizing the knitting space with the launch of the all new “Zippy Loom” product line. KB's products are developed in response to customer demand, feedback, and wants. KB's business began as a mother and daughter team, Kim and Pat Novak, and has grown over the years to 10 employees and 6 KB designers. Everyday KB works to provide the highest quality products, education, patterns, and design. To learn more,  visit KB Looms.