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Traditional Woodworking Techniques


This massive book is a must-have for any workshop and an ideal gift for any woodworker on your shopping list…and there are limited copies left in print. At 362 pages, Traditional Woodworking Techniques is a clear, practical, and downright fascinating introduction to the fundamentals of hand tool use, all detailed with Graham Blackburn's iconic illustrations. Order yours today…

TradWWTechsVol3 HC cover.jpg

Additional Info

When we launched Spring House Press, one of the first authors we sought was Graham Blackburn.  He's an expert craftsman and illustrator who has written over a dozen books on woodworking, carpentry, and homebuilding. His stunning and joy-to-read series of illustrated woodworking books make it easy to wrap your hands and brain around tools, traditional techniques, and the fundamentals of building classic furniture.  As a true Renaissance Man, he's also very cool: he's a musician who played saxophone in Van Morrison's band and he's an expert flamenco dancer. Since we're re-releasing his four-book, Blackburn on Woodworking series in paperback over the next year or two, we have possession of the few remaining units of his hardcover classic, Traditional Woodworking Techniques, the third volume in the series. When these are gone, they are gone for good.  It's a 362 page reference that is a must-have for any woodworking library. It covers all the fundamentals of woodworking within the process of building nine classic pieces of furniture.  With this book, even the greenest of novices can elevate their skills to that of a craftsman. The most-advanced woodworkers will learn something new while relishing the incredible hand-illustrations. Order it today while it lasts. (...and, when it's gone, don't say we didn't warn you.)