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The Reclaimed Woodworker


Smart Projects That Give New Life to Old Lumber…

With inspiring photos and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, The Reclaimed Woodworker features 21 projects that transform recycled lumber into well-built, stylish furniture and home décor items.  Each project, from the popular sliding barn door to vintage chairs and bookcases, is designed to use upcycled materials without sacrificing looks or tried-and-true woodworking techniques. Best of all, once you start using reclaimed wood, you’ll discover a beautiful, cost-saving alternative to traditionally-sourced lumber.  The Reclaimed Woodworker is not only a how-to book, it’s a celebration of reclaimed wood and the many creative ways it can bring charm and character to the home.

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54-9_Reclaimed Woodworker_FC.jpg

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About the Author...

Chris Gleason was born in upstate New York where his childhood was spent roaming around in the haylofts of old barns and getting up to milk cows in the morning. The lofts were a treat; the pre-dawn milking was not. After attending Vassar College, Chris taught preschool. While he loved it, he wanted to be creative and work with his hands, so he got a job as a carpenter for a home builder which meant he spent most of his time carrying around heavy things so more experienced people didn’t have to. This led him to woodworking and he was hooked: he woke up one day with the exciting and terrifying realization that he yearned to do it full-time, despite the fact that he was broke, inexperienced, and clueless. On the plus side, he was young and energetic. With $200 to his name, he traded his mountain bike for a table saw, located shop space, and proceeded to make every mistake in the book. The first couple of years were pure trial and error: 70-hour weeks where he might’ve cleared $100. But he kept going, and the tide began to turn. With a successful woodworking business and a dozen woodworking / DIY books under his belt, Chris Gleason gets to spend his days making stuff with his hands in Salt Lake, Utah where he lives with his wonderful wife and beautiful daughter. In his free time, he skis, mountain bikes, and plays fiddle and banjo with the Bueno Avenue Stringband.