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A straightforward guide for curious adults seeking the basics…

When Rob Mejia’s sister Theresa passed from cancer, he questioned why none of her many doctors had suggested cannabis as a source of relief from years in agonizing pain. This question became an obsession as he researched the benefits, engaged the community, and discovered the wide-ranging benefits of cannabis. During this mission to understand, he was approached by many equally curious friends, family, and colleagues wanting to know more about cannabis as they wrestled with stress, aching joints, caring for an elderly parent, or discussing marijuana with their teenage children. The result is The Essential Cannabis Book, an accessible and insightful guide that distills the basics and answers the questions of curious adults seeking a better understanding of marijuana.

     The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious is founded on the premise of “Where do I begin?” Like the author’s journey, it starts with an enlightening look at the history and science of cannabis from its evolution in the US from a useful, legal plant to a demonized Schedule 1 drug to how cannabis varieties (...that historically(“grew like weeds”) are grown, cultivated, and differ in character and benefits. The straightforward language makes learning your THCs from your CBDs easy while the ensuing chapters on medical benefits, the basics of personal and responsible consumption, and the know-how for infusing cannabis oils into tasty, healthy recipes provide valuable fundamental knowledge. Best of all, threaded throughout are personal stories–ranging from a dispensary owner, medical patient, and hemp oil producer to a farming nun, a Colorado sheriff, and more–that lends The Essential Cannabis Book an engaging human voice as it provides answers and guidance for those curious about the benefits of cannabis and the rapidly growing cannabis community.

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About the Author: Rob Mejia

Author Photo: Rob Mejia

Rob Mejia has always been curious. Born in Denver, one of 13 children, he grew up like most kids––playing sports, hanging out with buddies, and smoking some weed. A talent for tennis, a head for grades, and a curiosity about the East Coast landed him at Georgetown University and, later, NYC publishing. After a decade, he discovered his real business passion: licensing. After learning the ropes at an international agency, he hung out his own shingle representing the creative works of publishers, artists, and inventors, including himself: he has contributed to magazines, designed a line of apparel, created an online introductory cannabis course, written a book of baby nicknames, and created a best-selling birthday card.  

Rob’s real journey began when his beloved sister Theresa passed from cancer. His curiosity about cannabis blossomed into an obsession as he began to research the world of cannabis and its medicinal possibilities. This journey resulted in the creation of Our Community Harvest, a new business focused on cannabis information and cannabis-based products. With his belief in community effort guiding him, Rob has recruited family and community experts to help him build Our Community Harvest into a source that will provide people like him–curious knowledge seekers–with a safe, confident, and smart path to experience cannabis. 

Currently residing in NJ, he is the proud father of six sons and partner to his equally enthusiastic wife, Beth. As a responsible cannabis user, Rob hopes to provide guidance for the curious -- and to leave his little patch of the world a better place.  

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