The Essential Wood Book


The Essential Wood Book is about making the basics of using and choosing wood easier to understand. While some wood books can be overly scientific or bury you with an overflowing amount of exotic and hard-to-find woods you'll never use, this handy, accessible resource is  perfect for anyone seeking information about the most essential woods needed to complete their next woodworking project.  In addition to covering the top native American and exotic woods from Ash to Zebrawood, The Essential Wood Book also offers expert know-how for working with wood, rough lumber and plywood, understanding wood movement and other characteristics, finding unique wood sources, and storing and drying lumber.  With lots of photos and useful information you can wrap your brain around, The Essential Wood Book is the ideal resource for woodworkers, carpenters, crafters, or DIY enthusiasts seeking the essential knowledge needed to work with wood.

Available July 1, 2016