The Cocktail Chronicles


Mixology for the Masses

This enlightening field guide to the cocktail renaissance by Paul Clarke, the executive editor of Imbibe magazine, is inspired by the pioneering blog he launched in 2005, The Cocktail Chronicles is neither a lab manual nor an historical thesis; instead, it offers mixology for the masses in a way that’s always welcoming and never overwhelming. The more than 200 easily replicable recipes were collected by Clarke over the course of a decade of drinks journalism, and all share a common deliciousness and a role—explained in Clarke’s engaging manner—in the thriving cocktail renaissance. Informative, fascinating, and bound by Clarke’s enthusiasm for great yet approachable drinks, The Cocktail Chronicles celebrates the breadth of the cocktail renaissance and its continuing revolution without making things overly complex or precious. Life is complicated; thanks to The Cocktail Chronicles, a good drink doesn’t need to be.

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Praise for The Cocktail Chronicles and Paul Clarke...

"Paul Clarke began writing about the cocktail renaissance when it was still wishful thinking, and has been covering it ever since. I challenge anybody to find somebody who knows it better or, just as important, somebody who can explain it more clearly or genially. He is the ideal guide."                                                           —David Wondrich, author of Imbibe! and Punch; Esquire drinks correspondent

 “The most indispensable cocktail guide in years.  This is the guy you want behind the bar with you."                                                                    -- Jonathan Miles, former New York Times cocktail columnist

Paul Clarke nails that sweet spot of drinks writing, appealing to veteran bartenders and cocktail geeks while expertly demystifying matters for those eager to learn more.”                                                           —Brad Thomas Parsons, author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All

 “It’s not often that a new cocktail book holds my attention, but I wasn’t surprised that Paul’s did.                                                                             —Audrey Saunders, owner of Pegu Club, New York City

 The Cocktail Chronicles is not just an engaging inquiry to the classics, but a unique eyewitness account of the contemporary craft-cocktail revolution. It’s a lot to drink in, but Paul mixes it perfectly and serves it with a smile."                       —Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, author of Potions of the Caribbean

 “The Cocktail Chronicles is an insider’s guide to the classic and modern drinks, spirits, bars, and bartenders driving the current cocktail renaissance, from a writer who has been on its front lines for the past decade.”                      —Camper English, cocktail journalist and publisher of Alcademics.com

 “The Cocktail Chronicles blog was such a big part of my education. This book is long overdue, and will be required reading for the next generation of bartenders.”  —Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at Clyde Common (Portland, OR) and author of The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

 “This book is not only valuable, it's necessary. And while it’s replete with cocktails, at Paul Clarke's hand, the writing always wins.”    —Ted Haigh, author of Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails

 “Few people have followed the cocktail revolution as closely as Paul Clarke. And to follow his journey—and look at where it all began, where it’s been, and where we’ve ended up—there’s no more entertaining way of discovering all the details than by reading this fine tome.”                                                                                           —gaz regan, author of The Joy of Mixology

The Cocktail Chronicles is highly readable and especially well-suited to the newly minted craft cocktail home bar enthusiast."   —Matt Pietrek, The Cocktail Wonk