String Art Magic


Discover the Secrets of a Classic Craft…

With original patterns and expert instruction for 15 decorative and simple projects, String Art Magic rekindles the joy of crafting beautiful geometric art with string, nails, and parabolic curves. Author Rain Blanken—a life-long string artist who discovered its allure as a child­––happily offers her original, easy-to-make geometric patterns and a  treasure trove of time-tested techniques that will have you enthusiastically learning the secrets to creating intricate and beautiful string art. Best of all, with a new lesson learned with each project, you’ll quickly have the know-how to complete the 7 bonus patterns or to go rogue and create your own amazing designs! 

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Rain Blanken recently transplanted from the cornfield and airfields of Ohio to the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg, Florida. She is an editor at ThePennyHoarder.com, former host of About.com's DIY Fashion, and author of The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Clothes (2012) and String Art Magic (2018). Rain is an avid peanut butter consumer, prefers Data over most robots, and if she were an action figure, she would come with her dog, Gizmo. In between smatterings of sunblock, this redhead enjoys days at the beach with her husband and three children.