Quilty - Season 1: 52 Episodes


Quilty: Fresh Patwork + Modern Quilts is a weekly online show offering inspirational quilting lessons for the next generation of quilters. Learn fundamental quilting skills in an informal and friendly way. Quilty is great for beginners who want to learn the art and the love of quilting.  

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Quilty is a weekly online quilting show that seeks to inform and inspire the next generation of quilters. Hosted by Mary Fons, a J.V. quilter and co-host of Fons & Porters Love of Quilting on PBS, Quilty delivers great quilting instruction with humor, zest, and respect for the art of quilting. There’s a new Quilty episode weekly with a mission to teach rudimentary quilting skills in a friendly, welcoming way.   With style, class, and a sense of humor, Quilty aims to ignite new passion for the American quilt. Let’s do this