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Practical Shop Math


 Add Some Math Savvy to Your Toolbox…

Woodworking and math are as closely connected as a tight-fitting dovetail. There’s no getting around it—start a woodworking project and the numbers begin flying around like sawdust. From calculating lumber to mixing finishes and all the formulas, fractions, decimals, and geometry in between, workshop math can be tricky stuff, especially if it has been many years since math class. But none of that matters, because Practical Shop Math has you covered. Packed with simple solutions, helpful illustrations, handy formulas, and more, Practical Shop Math is the perfect book for anyone looking to improve their math skills. Once equipped with the tool of understanding some math basics, a day in the workshop will involve more fun and production and less head-scratching.

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About the Author : Tom Begnal

Tom Begnal is a life-long woodworker whose interest in the craft evolved into a full-time furniture business in northwestern Connecticut. He moved on to become the managing editor of The Woodworker’s Journal magazine for more than fifteen years and eventually joined the editorial staff at Shopnotes in Des Moines, Iowa. His final stop was as an associate editor at Fine Woodworking magazine. He has also written or edited woodworking and how-to books for several publishers including F+W Publications, McGraw-Hill, Rodale Press and Sterling Publishing. Tom currently lives in Connecticut and can be found most days in his workshop or at his computer writing away about woodworking.