Make Your Own Cutting Boards


Smart Projects & Stylish Designs for the Hands-On Kitchen...

If you’re a beginner looking for a great first project or a craftsman looking to showcase a piece of treasured wood, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the cutting boards. In this new book by David Picciuto, author of The New Bandsaw Box Book and host of the popular YouTube channel, Make Something.TV., the projects range from simple to complex and the finished designs can be tailored to suit any style or taste. Best of all, upon completion, each project can be proudly used or given to that special loved one on your gift list. Extensive photography and clear, concise instructions make even the most challenging techniques easy to understand and conquer. A gallery of inspiring designs is also included to spark your own cutting board styles.


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Check out David Picciuto at MakeSomething.TV as he makes the Inlay Cutting Board ...