Johnny's Cash & Charley's Pride


The Lasting Legends, Pivotal Moments, and Untold Adventures of Country Music...

Peter Guralnick, dean of rock-and roll-storytellers, writes in the introduction to Johnny’s Cash & Charley’s Pride, “Peter Cooper has always been in the mix.”  Whether spending time with Johnny Cash or Kris Kristofferson, playing bass for Loretta Lynn, discussing songwriting with Taylor Swift, or introducing the Grateful Dead’s Robert Hunter to Porter Wagoner, Peter Cooper has continually found himself in the presence of music royalty and the recipient of countless intimate conversations, asides, and confidences.

In Johnny’s Cash & Charley’s Pride, Cooper chronicles his many “in the mix” tales since arriving in Nashville in 2000 to cover the country music scene for the Tennessean. Filled with untold stories and newly revealed histories, it is an informal yet well-studied inside view of country music’s greatest characters and pivotal moments. Now a senior director at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Cooper’s stories are akin to a curated behind-the-scenes tour of country music.

With a gem on every page, Cooper has crafted a perceptive, smiling, and atypical immersion into the world of country music that will keep any music fan engaged with its wit, passion, and authenticity.  

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Praise for Peter Cooper and Johnny’s Cash & Charley’s Pride:

"All I can say is that you're in for a treat." -- Peter Guralnick, best-selling music author

“Revelatory one minutes and irreverently hysterical the next. Reading it, I felt like I somehow snuck past the guards and spent the night in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the ghosts came down from the walls to share their best stories and truest wisdom.” - Charlie Worsham, Warner Bros. recording artist

“I really enjoyed this book. Reading about the Cowboy brought back many great memories.” - John Prine, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member

“After I finished reading, I felt as though I had been to a family reunion, for a family that was totally dysfunctional except for the fact that everyone could be instantly bonded by Mother Maybelle Carter picking the “'Wildwood Flower.' It is a beautifully written book.” - Tom T. Hall, Country Music Hall of Fame member

“Peter Cooper looks at the world with an artist’s eye and a human heart and soul.” - Kris Kristofferson, Country Music Hall of Fame member

“A man of good words and music.” - Emmylou Harris, Country Music Hall of Fame member

Thank you for pointing out some of my accomplishments that no other journalist had bothered to ask me about. It’s one of the few articles in my career that I have laminated so I can keep it.” - Porter Wagoner, Country Music Hall of Fame member

“All I can say is, ‘You’re one hell of a writer.’” - Hank Williams Jr.

Read Peter Guralnick's INTRODUCTION to Johnny's Cash & Charley's Pride: