Furniture Design & Construction


While much is written about the tools, joints, and techniques that go into building furniture, style, proportion, and the whys of construction strategies remain a mystery. As a result, many woodworkers—beginner and advanced, alike—are forced to build furniture designed by others.

With Furniture Design & Construction, Graham Blackburn presents an insightful and beautifully illustrated reference that details exactly how and why designs are created. Armed with the information in this book, you will be able to plan and build your own one of a kind design. By building or adapting the 12 projects found here, you’ll learn to put your own twist on any project you build—whether it’s your own original vision or simply your interpretation of a classic design.



Additional Info

Furniture Design & Construction is for the woodworker who is not content merely to build from preset plans. Instead, in thoughtful detail, this book provides important insights into the entire design and construction process: how designs originate; what needs to be considered to select the right materials; what are the most suitable construction methods and the most efficient joinery techniques; and to simultaneously adjust these elements so that the finished project is functionally and esthetically successful.

PART ONE introduces the woodworker-designer to the “Lessons” of design – the ideas and paradigms that every successful designer employs to guarantee balance, pleasing proportions, and a style that is appropriate to the final piece’s use and location.

PART TWO offers twelve furniture projects ranging from simple to sophisticated, and from contemporary to periods such as Gothic and 18th century.

An enjoyable read and an invaluable reference, Furniture Design & Construction is the next best thing to an apprenticeship at the side of a master craftsman.