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Fon's & Porter's Love of Quilting 2000 Series


This complete series of 13 episodes, based on America's favorite quilting magazine featuring Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, delivers 6 hours of expert quilting tips and techniques for all skill levels.    

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With over 6 hours of expert tips, techniques, and inspiration, Love of Quilting Series 2000 delivers projects everyone will enjoy:

Episode 2001: Northport Crossing

Marianne likes to challenge herself every once in awhile with a more difficult quilt. This quilt was made with lots and lots of triangles of a fairly small scale. Marianne and Mary share how to trim half-square triangles with a special ruler and also how to handle the unique corners of an album cross block.

Episode 2002: Toddler Quilt with Lettering

Create a one of a kind quilt for your special young lady using a lettering font from your home computer. Sewing educator Linda Rainwater shares with Mary her method for adding a little something extra to a toddler quilt to make it unique. 

Episode 2003: Milky Way

Mary Fons was fascinated with Liz Porter’s Milky Way quilt but wanted to put her own spin on it. Mary and Liz started out with basically the same pattern but with a couple of minor changes, look how different they appear. Mary and Liz show you how to design your own version of this quilt and demonstrate cutting squares and triangles from the same strip.

Episode 2004: Applique with McKenna Ryan

Beautiful pictorial appliqué is far more accessible than you might think. Learn how to do quick and easy appliqué the McKenna Ryan way. McKenna Ryan, owner of Pine Needle Designs, Inc., demonstrates her techniques to Mary for making beautiful appliquéd using batiks.

Episode 2005: Gallery Walk

Sometimes combining two different blocks in one quilt is just the ticket. That’s exactly what designer Nancy Mahoney did with this quilt. Marianne and Mary show how to make a tilted block with offset centers by using strip sets. They also demonstrate how to make uneven flying geese units. 

Episode 2006: Pinwheels Plus

The quilt on this program was made to show appreciation for a wounded service person. It is a Quilt of Valor and it’s a very simple pattern. Marianne and Mary demonstrate how to make two half-square triangle units at once without using a patchwork foot. They will also demonstrate how to get secondary designs by rotating the blocks and how to present a Quilt of Valor to a combat veteran.

Episode 2007: Spring Delight

Quilters are so often inspired by the seasons. The quilt on this program is a virtual spring bouquet. Marianne and Mary will show you how to use a placement guide to keep appliqué elements symmetrical. They also demonstrate how to make two hourglass blocks at the same time.

Episode 2008: Churn Dash

If you like to make scrap quilts, this is a great one to make. Mary and guest Liz Porter demonstrate how to make half-square triangle units with a special tool. They also share how to achieve a personal, scrappy style in your quilts. 

Episode 2009: Labeling Techniques

Your quilt is not really finished until it has a label on it. Sewing educator Linda Rainwater shares with Marianne a unique way to label a quilt and why it’s so important to for a quilt to have a label. Linda demonstrates how to make a fabric envelope to use as a quilt label, how to use the embroidery module to personalize a label, and how to seal your envelope with various closures.

Episode 2010: Perky Pinwheels

It’s so much fun to see how today’s quilters refresh traditional techniques.  That’s just what designer Karen DuMont has done. Marianne and Mary demonstrate how to construct double prairie point units and how to miter multiple borders.  They use prairie points to make a 3-D pinwheel block. 

Episode 2011: Quilting Tips & Tricks

As quilters, we are always looking for clever ideas to make our projects go better. Quilter Heidi Kaisand brought a trunk full of clever ideas for you. Heidi shares with Marianne several tips & tricks for successful machine quilting. Heidi demonstrates to Marianne how to start and stop when machine quilting, how to identify and solve machine tension problems and how to solve border problems while you still can. These are just a few tips and tricks that Heidi brought to share.

Episode 2012: Tie The Knot

A quilter’s fabric stash is usually stocked with 100% cotton fabric, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a quilt of something completely different. Marianne and Mary share how to utilize a collection of neckties for a quilt. They demonstrate how to stabilize silk and silk-like fabrics and also how to make a string block from ties. 

Episode 2013: Puppy Pals

Many quilters are also animal lovers. Our pets might be horses, birds, cats, or dogs. Many times these pets make it into our patchwork. Marianne and Mary share how to draw design inspiration from a novelty fabric. They demonstrate how to do blanket stitch appliqué with your machine and the also show how to tilt blocks for a whimsical look.