Emoji Crochet


Give Your Next Crochet Project Some Playful Attitude! 

Emojis are popping up everywhere, adding spirited style, whimsy, and fun to your day. Now with the help of crochet and knitting professional Charles Voth, you can apply the same playful attitude to your next crochet project. With 20 projects to wear, accessorize, or add a splash of cheer to your home, Emoji Crochet will appeal to crocheters of all ages and skill levels. The projects—ranging from blankets, mittens, and scarves to beanies, earrings, and pillows—are ideal for showing off your crochet talents with flair or making the perfect gift for a beloved family member or friend. Best of all, by using the pattern bank of 36 emoji facial features, you can mix-and-match eyes, mouths, and more to make exactly the right expression for any project, or use the included blank templates to create your favorite!

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