A Colander, Cake Stand, and My Grandfather's Iron Skillet


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Whether it’s a workhorse utensil, a prized flea-market find, or a cherished family heirloom, there’s a special go-to piece of equipment in every chef’s kitchen that reveals their history and identity. In A Colander, Cake Stand, and My Grandfather’s Iron Skillet, award-winning author Erin Byers Murray presents a collection of stories – and delicious, style-defining recipes -- from today’s top chefs about their most-beloved kitchen utensil. Each story, told in the chef’s own words, lovingly describes a piece in their arsenal that offers a glimpse into their culinary past or the cooking philosophy that guides them today. Unlike any other cookbook, A Colander, Cake Stand, and My Grandfather’s Iron Skillet is a compelling portrait of chefs and cooking styles and the ideal companion for anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen, surrounded by the tools that they love.  

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