The Handmade Skateboard

“Give a kid a skateboard, she rides for a month. Teach a kid to build a skateboard, she rides for a lifetime.” 

At Spring House Press, we see the skateboard as the perfect project:  it’s functional with an emphasis on FUN; it’s pretty easy to build; it requires minimal tools; and it can be built with family, friends, and a pack of classmates or woodworking buddies. Most important, it crosses generations: young and old alike can find something in common when building a skateboard – and when you can get young makers to jump into a mature craft like woodworking, only good things can happen. 

That’s why it’s one of the first books we wanted to publish and the reason we connected with Matt Berger. He’s the founder of SK8Makers, a colleague from our days at the Taunton Press, and, at the end of the day, one very sharp guy. He was the perfect author for The Handmade Skateboard and we’re privileged to be working with him. You've heard us go on and on about the book; now it's time to share a bit about Matt. 

Simply stated, Matt has a passion for making things from scratch and teaching others how to do the same. Thanks to his mom, an avid crafter, he’s been at this DIY thing since he was a kid.  It was during his college days at Cal-Poly (...go Mustangs) that he really developed the itch for building custom decks and longboards. He later earned his true woodworking stripes as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine where he edited articles, and produced and starred in how-to videos featured on It's also where Matt honed his woodworking skills building high-quality furniture the authentic way: with hand tools, sturdy joinery, and quality hardwoods. 

Now based in northern CA with his wife and two daughters (they can be seen helping him build a deck from a Roarockit kit in The Handmade Skateboard), he's spending his days working as a content manager at a major technology company producing video, social media, and interactive content for the web. By night and on the weekends, Matt continues building skateboard decks in his garage workshop, aka SK8Makers HQ, while teaching others to do the same in his series of DIY Skateboard Workshops.  

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