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Simple. Creative. Engaged.

The spring house: a little building constructed over a natural spring used as cool storage. It represents a simple, creative solution to an everyday problem. That’s why we took the name. Without a creative outlet or outlook, life can get pretty stale, pretty fast.  At Spring House Press, we believe life is more fun when you keep stuff simple and just get started; when you sprinkle a little creativity into your daily grind; and when you engage in learning, making, and doing. Our mission is to provide accessible and smart information for people who value being creatively engaged, whether it be with a hobby, a craft, or the everyday routines that make up a busy life.  

Launched in 2014, the goal of Spring House Press is to create and distribute premium content featuring a variety of categories that keep life interesting and fresh, including:

  • All Things Crafts
  • Food, Booze & Beer
  • Your Living Space & All That Goes With It
  • The Backyard, Deck, Patio, & Garden
  • Sports, Games, & Staying Healthy
  • Anything else that seems pretty cool

And, while premium, useful products are essential to our mission, it’s secondary to our primary objective:  to engage customers, authors, distribution partners, vendors, and the Spring House team with honesty, respect, a sense of humor, and a collaborative mindset. Life's too short and the world’s too small to do otherwise.   

We look forward to working with you.  Be cool. Stay fresh.

Paul McGahren — Publisher

Paul began his publishing career in Sister Camilus's 5th grade class with a single-sheet rag sold for a dime. After graduating from Boston College with an English degree, he applied for an editorial job at a magazine, but his thank-you note got him hired by the sales department instead. Twenty-five years later, after lengthy stints of increasing revenue, market share, and brand loyalty at the Taunton Press and Fox Chapel Publishing/Design Originals, he still gets fired up creating and selling premium books that fill a need or solve a problem.  When not rattling new book ideas around his brain, Paul and his wife Lisa try to raise their children, Max and Riley, without losing their marbles. He's also a geek for baseball, beer, and barbecue.  Paul launched Spring House Press with his buddy Matthew Teague, an ex-Taunton Press colleague, so he could collaborate with the many artists, editors, and designers he's had the pleasure of knowing during his career -- and to have as much fun in publishing as he did in the 5th grade.   

Matthew Teague — Editorial Director

A third generation woodworker, Matthew has long orbited the worlds of publishing and making things. After attending Wofford College in South Carolina, he spent five years working as a literary editor at The Oxford American. Then he realized that time spent in his workshop was as much fun (…okay, more fun) than time spent at his desk. Combining these two loves, he joined Fine Woodworking and eventually became Managing Editor. There he was lucky enough to work with some of the country’s most talented makers and honed skills with both pen and chisel. After a seven year stint in Connecticut, familiar accents and an independent streak led him to Nashville.
Matthew soon authored Getting Started in Woodworking: Projects for Your Shop, and has edited dozens of books. As a journalist he has reported on everything from John Wilkes Booth to concrete reinforcement, with bylines appearing in Outside, Field and Stream, The Inspired House, Fine Homebuilding and other esteemed publications. His signature furniture designs have been showcased at numerous museums, galleries and juried venues. One piece proudly resides in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Northern Ireland.
Along with his wife Sarah, Matthew now logs most of his hours wrangling daughter Ava Jean and son Locke. What’s left of his free time is spent cooking, digging in the yard, staying sane through cycling, and attempting to turn his house, a “50’s ranch,” into a "home from the mid-century.” He recently left his position as the editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine to launch Spring House Press with long-time pal and collaborator Paul McGahren. They've sworn to publish only work they love.